Why Mac?

That's the question of the day. There are all kinds of facts and figures that support why Mac is better. We thought it would make more sense to present some thought provoking questions followed by factual and accurate statments about Macintosh.

If you have a PC, how often does it crash?

  • Due to the incredible stability of the Unix operating system, Macs virtually never crash.

How often does your PC get an Illegal Operation?

  • Macs NEVER get Illegal Operations.

How often does your PC have a 'blue screen'?

  • As in #2, Macs don't have those kinds of issues.

How many times have you had a virus?

  • Viruses are almost non-existent on the Mac

How much time/money have you spent fixing virus's?

  • Since the Mac is virtually virus free, you don't spend any time or money trying to fix or avoid them.

Has your PC been hacked in to?

  • The Mac is considered to be the most secure computer available. Ask the US Army!

How many times a year do you have to upgrade?

  • While there are system updates to the Mac, most of them are free or low cost.

Do you feel that Microsoft controls/owns you?

  • You are free to use any operating system on the Mac. You are in control and it is your choice!

Is Mercedes Benz a good car?

  • This is an odd question, but brings the point home. Macs currently have 5%-6% of the PC market (Windows 98 only has 30%) so it looks like they don't own much marketshare. Well, compare that to Mercades-Benz - admittingly a great car. They only have 2%-3% of the entire car market!

    Has anyone else told you not to buy a Mac? Have you ever asked them why? The following statements are typically made by people who have little or no factual knowledge about the Macintosh. See how many of them you have heard!

    • Statement: There's no software for the Mac
      1. Fact: There are more than 30,000 applications available for the Mac, and we carry over 300 IN STOCK
    • Statement: You can't run Microsoft on a Mac
      1. Fact: Microsoft products such as Word and Excel have been available on the Mac for 17 years - longer than it's been available for Windows. With Virtual PC, you can also use most Windows programs on your Mac too!
    • Statement: Everyone uses Windows.
      1. Fact: Everyone? How about NASA, National Geographic, Disney, lawyers, doctors, insurance agents and millions (over 25M) of other users use Mac. People that want to get something done on their computer without fighting with their computer, use Mac.
    • Statement: Macs are more expensive.
      1. Fact: This one is easy. Take a very fast PC, configure it with EVERYTHING the Mac has and then compare the price - the Mac is actually LESS expensive. Oh, and add the worlds most advanced operating system to the PC.... oh, PC's don't run OS X, only Mac.
    • Most importantly - ask them how much Mac experience they have. People are very quick to express their opinion without experience. Point here is to make your own decision about what to buy. Look at the facts, not opinions, then decide.