AI is Agency Intelligence

AI is a revolutionary software product designed for Insurance Agencies. It provides once touch (or click) access to information that producers use on a regular basis.

AI is designed with the producer and management in mind - increasing efficiency of the producer and therefore increasing profitability. AI offers incredible stability never before seen in an agency management system.

AI allows users to have almost instant access to clients, vendors, brokers, and policy detail information. Built in suspense list and notes give agents quick access to important information. Customizable policies allow infinite combinations and can be formatted to fit just about any policy type.

Why AI?

Have you experienced other agency systems? Have you ever had an Illegal Operation or a Blue Screen? How often does a technician have to come in an perform maintenance on your computers? Have you had a computer virus or been hacked into?

How much money (and worry) would you save if these problems went away?

AI is the solution for you. It is a combination of intelligent software, reliable Apple Macintosh hardware and the most robust and powerful operating system in the world, Unix.

Only the Macintosh computer can give you all of these features. You will now have access to thousands of highly reliable and easy to use applications for the Mac such as Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, Acrobat and many more. You can also use the hundreds of thousands of Unix programs and, with the addition of Virtual PC, you can use windows software as well.

Yes, only the Macintosh can do all of this - and at the same time offer stunning performance and incredible stability.

AI is powerful and intelligent software for insurance agencies - and it's made for Macintosh.